Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Would You Really Buy an Appliance from This Guy?

First, it was the Sham Wow; now, it's the Slap Chop. Aside from pure entertainment value (I'll interject here that I LOVE to watch the Magic Bullet infomercial with Berman, the hungover party animal, the lady with the six-inch cigarette ash dangling out of her mouth who complains about dinner always being a production, and the perky blonde who wants to grind coffee), this new product advertisement frightens me.

First, what's with the microphone? He's in a kitchen! Unless he's got it hooked up to his house's home entertainment system and is talking to some mysterious guests out on the patio, I don't think he needs it - we hear you, Vince!! Second, do you really want a guy saying that things are unreliable as he throws them over his shoulder into your sink (although I'm sure earlier takes had him hitting the wall, breaking dishes, or smashing the guy operating the boom mike in the face)?

And most importantly, how ominous is the saying for the product: "We're making American healthy, one slap at a time!" Sounds like he's beating good health into the product's buyers and anyone else within range of his Slap Chop, Sham Wow, or whatever the heck else he's peddling.

So how do I wrap up this brief diatribe? With the commercial!! Enjoy!


Sarah R. said...

I'm pretty sure this guy just got arrested for beating up a hooker. Slap Chop, indeed.

rdl said...

I know! what is it about infomercials? the other one is ?Tony, workout guy.

Katie said...

Actually you should read his wikipedia site. Tells how the prostitute bit his tongue and refused to let go. He is crazy and found the Sham Wow at a flea market.

Dad said...

"You're gonna love my nuts!" Now THAT's hysterical! I also like the ShamWow phrase - "It's made in Germany and you know the Germans make good stuff!"

My ultimate FAVORITE though is Billy Mays - why does he have to YELL all the time!!!