Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Dalai Lama Documentary

I ran across these two trailers for a documentary on the Dalai Lama that is currently working its way through the film festival circuit and should receive a wider theatrical release later this year. Looks very interesting...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Losing a Friend

I have lost a friend. My wife has lost someone who for much of her life was as close to being a sister as you can get without being joined by blood, and as maid of honor one of the very few she choose to stand with her at the altar during our wedding.

I was about to board a plane yesterday, due to fly back from a conference in Albany, when the emails started coming across my blackberry -- C. was 37 years old, nine months pregnant, and had suffered a serious heart attack. The baby had been delivered, but C. was still in very grave condition.

During the flight, I started praying, and the more I prayed the more discomfort I felt in my own chest. It was a feeling I couldn't explain, other than perhaps I was somehow taking a bit of the pain onto myself.

There was no news overnight or this morning, and we continued to pray that things were getting better. And then late this morning, the news that C. had passed away. What's worse, we've now heard that she had had three heart attacks in recent days, and that as a result of oxygen deprivation the baby is now in a much more guarded condition.

She was so young, and I can't even begin to imagine what her husband must be going through. What was once the promise of a growing family is now one that must be overwhelmed by grief over the loss and worry over the new little life that came into the world.

When you say your prayers today, please include C. and the young family she leaves behind -- and my wife, who is going through a type of loss that I don't think she's ever experienced.