Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A New Blog in the Works

Regular readers of this blog know a bit about my political background and my current political leanings. This same group also knows that I've tended to blog a bit more about politics in recent months. As I got to thinking about it I realized that those sorts of posts are really not in keeping with the purpose of this blog: to discuss my family, my evolving faith, and finding my way as a father and husband.

So as not to mix one goal with another, today I started a side blog strictly to discuss government, politics, and where our country is headed. While I am a conservative and will tend to focus a bit more on that side of the aisle, I'm really hoping it will turn into a place for spirited - but polite - debate by folks from all political stripes. If you go there and agree, let me know - and if you disagree, let me know. The only way to strengthen my position on issues is to learn the positions of others.

Feel free to visit One Man's Politics and join the conversation. I will continue to keep this blog going as well, but will also do more to keep the stated purpose of the two blogs independent of each other.

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