Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dharamsala at My Front Door

I love collecting autographs - signed books by my favorite authors, politicians, actors. It's a hobby that I've enjoyed for quite a few years (as A. can attest), and I'm always intrigued by who will respond to a request and who will not. Over the years, I've managed to obtain quite a few from some pretty amazing men and women.

Yesterday, I received one that ranks as one of the most remarkable yet.

A. sent me an email yesterday afternoon with the subject line, "You got something in the mail from the Dalai Lama." That was it; nothing else. I was stunned; I had sent a request to his office over a year ago, and even after having received a response from a member of his staff in mid-December I wasn't necessarily sure I would ever get anything back.

But I was - happily - wrong. Anytime anyone has responded to a request for an autograph in the past, I have viewed it both as a gift and as a sign of their generosity. In this case, to say that the picture is a gift from a generous man somehow doesn't seem to go far enough...


margaretm said...

That is so cool!

rdl said...

Wow, that is so cool!