Monday, November 03, 2008

What's On My Mind Headed Into Tuesday - Part 3

I'm running out of time before tomorrow's election and I haven't yet run out of issues to discuss, so today I'm going to focus on the two biggest things on my mind as I head into the voting booth tomorrow.

This picture from our family vacation in August shows MB and E. looking out at the ocean, but I've always thought of it with the added layer of looking out to the horizon. Tomorrow represents moving one step closer to the horizon of their lives -- their future. I know how I'm voting and I'm comfortable with my decision, but regardless of what happens tomorrow I'll do whatever I can as a parent to secure their future, their horizons.

And if Senator Obama does in fact win the election, then consider me a member of the loyal opposition for the next four years.


rdl said...

really?? no bipartisanship possibiities?
myself - i'm scared to death but hopeful.

Kansas Bob said...

GW Bush promised that he would be a uniter when he was first elected.

Here's hoping that whoever is elected will actually be a uniter.

Whoever it is will have my prayer support.. he will need it.

karen said...

With you, brother.