Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An Evening with Christopher Plummer

This evening, Washington offered another great cultural event that I was fortunate enough to witness. Actually, one of Washington's great independent booksellers, Politics and Prose, continued their phenomenal series of nightly appearances by writers by hosting one of my all-time favorite actors, Christopher Plummer. Plummer, who recently published his memoirs and is in the midst of a tour promoting his book, entertained a very large audience in the store through a 45-minute conversation with XM (formerly NPR) host Bob Edwards.

He is an extremely humorous and charming man, and the stories he told about his early career in the theater and television gave but a glimpse of the great life that he has shared with us in his new book. He was also very gracious and took extra time speaking with every customer who went through the signing line, even posing for photographs with anyone who asked. There were many older ladies in the audience who were almost like schoolgirls waiting to see him, and many brought old keepsakes -- playbills, an original soundtrack for the "Sound of Music," old photos -- that they giddily asked him to sign. I was trying to picture my grandmother up there fawning over him!

A great event, and I'm looking forward with great anticipation to reading his book!


Patry Francis said...

Some day I will get to that legendary bookstore. Sounds like a great evening.

Kansas Bob said...

Congrats Matt.. you met the other Bob Edwards.. come to Kansas and meet the real thing.. he might buy you lunch :)