Monday, November 24, 2008

The Economy Comes-a Callin'

The growing economic slowdown finally hit home today -- A. called me as she was headed out of her office this afternoon to let me know that her boss had called her into his office and laid her off. Business there had gotten so bad that he really didn't have any choice in the matter; however, he was gracious enough to offer her a good recommendation if she needed it.

Naturally, this came as a shock, although A. wasn't nearly as upset as she might have been. She had been talking for a while about possibly adjusting her schedule so that she would have more time at home with the girls, and to give her more time to study for the LSAT (which she'll be taking in June). Additionally, we're blessed enough with the job that I have that we felt confident that we'd be okay if A. were to ever leave her job, so no great worries there either.

Having been through an extended period of unemployment last year, we're psychologically better able to handle things like this -- although having that kind of life experience is never fun, no matter how strong or better prepared it makes you. There is a blessing with all of this, though -- a job interview in the morning for her. Another company in the area had contacted her recently after having run across her resume, and a successful phone interview last week led to a request for an in-person meeting tomorrow. It's still too early to know what this position entails and whether it will allow her to use her education and previous work experience to great advantage, or when this job would even start if she is hired, but we are hopeful that this might be the silver lining in all of this.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that A. has to go through this..I too have been facing a job change. Several weeks ago, I read a sign at a local gas station that encouraged me..."God is in control, no matter what." The blessing or silver lining is that God IS in control of the "matter what's". God has your and A's, and the girls" best in mind. I will pray for all of you as you go through this transition and expect God to be in all of it.

Hangeth thou in there!

Kansas Bob said...

I am sorry to hear the news Matt.. good to know about Romans 8:28 is true even in economic times like these.

rdl said...

When one door closes, another opens. I do believe this is true; hopefully it will open soon.
Happy Thanksgiving!

karen said...

Like rdl says....
Better things on the horizon, will be praying for you guys.
Happy Thanksgiving!