Thursday, November 08, 2007

An Unlikely Collaboration

During all of the hoopla lately regarding a Led Zeppelin reunion (which I've been hearing about for years; is it really going to happen this time?), I heard a more subtle line of conversation regarding a new album being released by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. Yes, you're probably having the same reaction I am: how in the world would someone who cut his teeth on early-70s blues-influenced rock and perhaps the finest country/bluegrass artist around today manage to find any common ground?

Well, I decided to find out for myself, and the other night put my hands on many of the tracks from their album, "Raising Sand." In short, I was floored; it is one of the most natural collaborations that anyone could ever expect, and it has already vaulted to being one of my favorite albums. I highly recommend it, and the song "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us" alone is worth anything that you would pay for the entire album.

Here is a short little documentary/album teaser to whet your appetite a bit more. I give this album five out of five stars.


Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, my husband just told me about this album last night. Even though I'm a fan of both of them, at first I thought it was a crazy combination, but then I thought their voices would work really well together. And, given your review, I'm definitely going to check it out!

carrie said...

The sample on the link was beautiful. Thanks for the heads up!

Patchouli said...

Definitely going to check out this one