Friday, November 30, 2007

Finally! A Reality Show Worth Watching!

I have to say that I'm not typically one to watch televised talent competitions -- in fact, with things like "American Idol," I usually watch the first few episodes where the folks with talent like me try out. Once the good ones start, I'm finished watching, simply being content to find out who the winner is when the paper runs an article.

With the advent of Fox's "Next Great American Band," however, that's changed. I love watching week after week as bands that were formed with a specific genre in mind are put in a position where they must adapt to the artist chosen by the producers. There have been some incredible groups this season, and many of them have made it to the final five. Here is a sampling of who I've really taken a shine to:

The bluegrass-based Clark Brothers, here performing Elvis' "I'm Saved":

The neuvo big band Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, performing "One Time Show":

Sixwire - a group of middle-aged dads - performs the Rolling Stones' "The Last Time":

Tonight they performed songs by Rod Stewart, and next week it's Queen. It's a great show, and every one of the finalists is in for big things down the road. Enjoy!


Kansas Bob said...

I started watching Idol last year.. I usually fast forward through most of the initial installments. and enjoy it. I haven't followed Next Great American Band.. thanks for providing the videos.

karen said...

Sounds good! There is not much good on the tube at all.