Friday, June 15, 2007

A Friday Calm

There's a big sense of calm in the house right now, and I think that it's due in large part to two things: A. had a job interview this morning at a company that is literally right around the corner from our house, and we're leaving this afternoon for our Shrine Mont weekend. The car is gassed up, the suitcases have been packed and loaded, and I'm gathering my short stack of books (some Barbara Brown Taylor, Anne Lamott, my journal, the Bible, and maybe one work of fiction; I haven't decided -- and yes, this does qualify as a short stack. Anyone who has seen the books in our house knows that for a fact!).

For the next few days, the only sounds will be children playing on the lawn, the conversations between members of our church family, my pen on the pages of my journal, the flipping of pages in a book, and (hopefully) the wind blowing through the trees in this Shenandoah Valley retreat.

Have a great weekend, everyone -- and to all the dads out there, Happy Father's Day!


Sandie said...

Have a great time! Good luck with that job close to home, they are worth so much more than a 'better' job with a long commute.

Helen said...

I really hope you have a lovely break and I am thinking and praying for you,

Hope the weather is nice for you, here in England we have had torrential rain and major flooding (not in our town thankfully)

God Bless you and your sweet family,

Helen x.

rdl said...

Sounds good. Happy Father's Day!

Kristen said...

Have a wonderful time, and Happy Father's Day to you!

Margaret said...

Which Anne Lamott? I just read Plan B and I really loved it.

Hope you have a great time! Happy Father's Day!

NoVA Dad said...

Thanks to everyone for the Father's Day wishes.

Margaret: The book I have in my stack now is "Grace (Eventually)," her latest. I actually ended up not getting much of it read this weekend, so I'll try and pick up the pace this week. I've also got two others of hers ("Plan B" and another one whose title escapes me) waiting in the wings. Glad to hear you enjoyed Plan B; Lamott was recommended by a friend and takes a bit of adjustment.

ipanema said...

Enjoy! Sometimes one needs a change of environment.

Happy Father's Day!