Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cycling Back to Old Journal Entries

This is hardly going to be an entertaining or even interesting post; it's been one of those days that, when I first started keeping a journal 26 years ago, would result in an entry that simply read, "Another boring day." It was just another day of sending out resumes and waiting for the phone to ring. The family is really looking forward to its annual trip to Shrine Mont, the Diocese of Virginia's retreat center about 2-1/2 hours outside D.C.; it will be nice to relax, refresh ourselves, and not really have to worry about anything for three days other than enjoying some great fellowship and fun with folks from our church.

I guess when I have an original thought or something worth posting about, I'll be back. Otherwise, feel free to search the archives!!

1 comment:

Kristen said...

The retreat center looks wonderful! I hope you have a great time. Can you bring the children there, too? I would love to do that with my son.

I'll keep praying for you on the job front.