Monday, June 04, 2007

Chef Ramsay: The Salvation of My Summer TV Viewing

Many of my friends bemoan the fact that the arrival of summer means that the quality of television programming is going to drop off considerably. Yes, there's no "Lost" or "The Office" or "30 Rock" for the next several months, and true, there are some less-than-adequate shows that are starting to pop up (must we really endure another round of "America's Got Talent"??).

But there is hope, and hope, thy name is Gordon Ramsay.

I got hooked on "Hell's Kitchen" when it premiered two years ago, and season three begins tonight. Ramsay is an incredible chef who has a tremendous international reputation, has published some amazing cookbooks, and hosted a few great series which aired (originally) on the BBC and have since been shown on BBC America here in the States. If you ever have the opportunity to see episodes of "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares," I recommend you watch; the premise of the series is that Ramsay travels to different restaurants throughout Britain that are having problems with staffing, food, clientele size, etc. After observing them, he offers suggestions on how to solve all of their problems, and then returns six months later to see if they were even listening to what he had to say. Good stuff -- and my wife is stunned that I love shows about cooking and actually hate to cook!!

In short, I'm disappointed that "Lost" is gone for nearly a year, but Ramsay will help get me through the next few weeks.


Kristen said...

Oh boy - we got hooked on Hell's Kitchen, too! I'll have to check out the "Nightmares" show.

brian said...

I don't know what this says about me. But, I love reality TV. My wife hates Hell's Kitchen. She thinks Chef Ramsay is too mean. I love it. If you like this, there's a new show on the Food Network (I think it's called "The Next Food Network Star") where they're selecting someone to get their own show.

I also enjoy "So You Think You Can Dance" and (ashamedly) "Big Brother".


Sandie said...

I have to admit, I watch this too... and So You THink You Can Dance and even Food Network Star sometimes. I watch move tv in the summer I think than less...hmmm

I could not believe how rude they were to the girl from "waffle house" good grief if anyone could cook an egg it should be her!

Dad said...

Well, you've mentioned six shows that I've never seen! Yes, you read that correctly - SIX! I did enjoy Heroes, though. I waited until the last episode was about to be aired, then spent the Saturday before watching 21 hours of the show to catch up on what was going on! Interesting Saturday, to say the least! But a couple of bottles of wine seemed to ease the pain. By the way, the last episode was such a waste!

Lone Grasshopper said...

I'm so glad to see someone else saying he likes Hell's Kitchen. I am the only one around here that watches it, and you are the only person I've 'met' online who enjoys it. And you like Kitchen Nightmares, too! I was so happy to hear that it was coming to FOX this fall.