Friday, May 04, 2007

What Would Your Epitaph Be?

Ken Fuson, a columnist with the Des Moines Register, has written a humorous piece about tombstone epitaphs and concludes by soliciting reader suggestions for their own markers. After reading this: what would you come up with for yourself?

Fuson: Here lies a columnist who asked for readers' epitaphs

The recent death of the late, great author Kurt Vonnegut has stirred some speculation in Internet Land - or, as our president calls it, "the Internets" - about what Vonnegut's epitaph will be. The most obvious choice is Vonnegut's signature line, "So it goes," although it seems to me that, "So it went," would be more appropriate for such a puckish writer.


Sandie said...

I really can't think of one for me, but I KNOW Nathan's is going to include his last words which I am sure will be "Hey, Watch this!"

Kansas Bob said...

Great post Matt!! I am sending folks over here from my place. As for me I want mine to read:


ipanema said...

You've got me thinking here. Probably something like this:

"Here lies an internet addict. May her soul rest in peace in the wireless hereafter."

hahahaha...product of a bored mind.

Have a good Sunday! :)

hey Matt, I tried to click something from the comment box [other options] and this came out. Finally [crossing my fingers on this] I can comment. I'll try it in some blogs I wasn't able to post comment. :)