Sunday, May 06, 2007

God at Work

Anyone who says they can't or don't see God at work in the world are either looking in the wrong place or not looking hard enough. Here's a great story that shows how active He really is; it was posted over at The Questioning Christian.

Public Mourning
by Susan Fawcett

For good or ill, the parish I serve is becoming skilled in a particular kind of hospitality: high-profile funerals. A few years ago, before I began working here, the parish opened its doors to hold a funeral for a young woman whose kidnap and brutal murder got top billing on every major news network. With television-news trucks, reporters, and cameras swarming the perimeter, a church that seats 350 on a good day welcomed swarms of people who came to mourn an untimely (and much publicized) death. I doubt the parish realized how that funeral was preparing them for another.

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susan said...

Thanks so much for your supportive comments. I am honored to be linked! Blessings on your journey.