Monday, May 07, 2007

Reverend Sales??

Long-time readers of my blog are aware that I have been very distressed at the schism that is slowly developing in the Episcopal Church, and that I fully intend to remain with the church -- the church that I love -- and not try and find a breakaway congregation. There are undoubtedly many solutions to this problem out there, and many creative ways to deal with the situation.

I don't think this is one of them (although he gets high marks for trying to address the problem in a manner worthy of Soupy Sales).....

Pastor of Breakaway Church Hit By Pie During Sermon
(courtesy of Associated Press)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) -- A Colorado man has been arrested for disrupting the Sunday service at a breakaway Episcopal parish by throwing a pie at the pastor.

Witnesses told police that the man entered a side door of Grace Church and St. Stephen's Parish and hit the Reverend Donald Armstrong in the face as he preached a sermon on loving your enemies.

Parishioners caught the suspect and held him until Colorado Springs Police arrived. The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado moved to suspend Armstrong last year while it investigated allegations of financial misconduct. Armstrong has denied wrongdoing.

He returned to Grace Church in March, when church leaders voted to leave the Episcopal Church because of the denomination's liberal theology, including its acceptance of gay relationships.


Lone Grasshopper said...

It's hard to tell from the story--did the man throw the pie because the priest left the Episcopalians or because the priest was accused of misconduct? Who's the good guy here? Is there one?

NoVA Dad said...

You've asked the million dollar question here; the decision on who is the good guy in this incident -- indeed, for the entire conflict in the church right now -- is based on perspective. The story doesn't make it clear what motivation the man had for doing this, other than making the priest look foolish. Of course, being tackled by the congregation and being arrested only made HIM look foolish. I'd love to know what he was thinking (IF, for that matter, he WAS thinking).

Having said all of that, there are lots of reporters out there who do a poor job of reporting, and then editors who shave stories down even more. I'm sure there was more to this story -- there HAD to have been.

trace said...

my church meets on Sunday evenings in an Episcopal church that's down to about 40 people on a good day. It's sad - they were once a thriving congregation but have not stayed current with the culture and have lost lots of folk due to the split over the gay bishop. It's sad to see a congregation dying off.

Sandie said...

Hi, I tried to email you about the DC trip. My computer was acting up though and wouldn't let me. We are going to be there late on the 20th through the 23rd of this month. I also think it would be cool to meet up, hope you don't mind teens :) I think I will have about 5-6 of them with me. My email is that way we can exchange numbers.

PS...there are some weird things going on in the church right now!

Kansas Bob said...

Being raised Episcopal I have to say that I really enjoyed this:

"the church that I love"

I so appreciate you Matt and your willingness to be there in the midst of the storm.

Dan said...

This is sort of hilarious to me...

Last year, the big news story was about a Tulsa Megachurch pastor who was punched in the face. He was preaching about giving thanks in all situations. The man who punched him had been bussed in from the homeless shelter.

I prefer pie to punches.