Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lots of Things are Thawing

It's amazing what Springtime will do for your mood; we've had two straight days of wonderful weather, and it has been such a huge emotional boost for me and A. Having lunch with friends who are visiting from out of state was an even bigger boost today; it was nice catching up on their lives, showing off our daughters to them, and getting a small taste of what we've been missing in the Deep South since we moved back to this area.

The past few weeks have been rough; I can't -- and won't -- deny that. However, I think those feelings and the stress, like the winter ice and snow, are beginning to thaw. I'm starting to feel the spirit of rebirth in everything -- discovering that flowers which aren't due to bloom for a few weeks are suddenly in full blossom; watching as huge "V" formations of geese honk as they head back from their winter quarters; getting several e-mails and phone calls to line up interviews in the next 10 days. A is feeling more optimistic about her situation, MB was glad to just be outdoors and being a kid again, and I'm sure that E was feeling some sort of satisfaction in her little five-week-old mind that she was being taken out somewhere besides the doctor's office.

I was joking with a friend today about how certain phases of my life have felt like the 40-year wanderings of the Israelites in the desert, and how when things turn around I feel like I'm finally coming out of the desert. Unlike those ancient people, however, it seems I'm more of a glutton for punishment: I have a need to keep returning to the desert for more wandering. And then it occurred to me: perhaps I'm not returning to do more wandering, but to see where God is leading my small tribe next. The journey may not be all that exciting, but the destination has to be good.

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ipanema said...

Glad to read the tone of this post.

Our walks through it is part of our journey through life. Like a maze, it's how you get out that's important.