Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Draft Fred Thompson!

In recent days, there's been a lot of attention given to a potential run for the White House by former senator and current faux-New York district attorney Fred Thompson. Honestly, I'm thrilled by the prospect, and I hope he does jump into the race. It would be a great and much-needed change of pace for a party that in recent years has drifted from saying what it means and meaning what it says to saying what sounds good.

I did some checking on the web and right off the bat found two websites that have been set up to convince him to run. The one I'm most impressed with is Fred '08 -- sound clips, information on the committee that's been set up to draft him, information on his conservative credentials, and a great deal more. I've signed up for updates, and look forward to following this grassroots effort in the days and weeks ahead.

Thompson is honestly the one guy who could get me excited about the GOP field again: I like Huckabee, but he won't make it far; I like Rudy, but I'm concerned all of the baggage he brings with him and how it will detract from some of his successes as mayor of New York; McCain, while someone I respect because of what he has been through in his life, strikes me as a loose cannon; Gingrich is also a strong conservative, but he's also got baggage, and I have a hard time forgetting things like his public complaint over having to disembark Air Force One through the back door; Romney is impressive, but I'm not sure he can win a national race against a top Democrat contender.

If Thompson jumps in, he's my guy.


rdl said...

Romney doesn't impress me at all, but i guess than maybe it would be good if he won the primary. :D

Dad said...

I agree with Fred Thompson for President. I have been impressed with him since he was co-chief counsel in the Watergate hearings. "What did the President know, and when did he know it?" And of course the key question, "Are you aware of the installation of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the President?"

He does have the experience in the political arena - and, get this, he was born in Alabama!! Of course, that's not quite Virginia, but it'll do! And here's a little fact that might be of interest to you - his wife is a media consultant!!

And what else can I say, except - he's a grandfather, too! That makes him o.k. in my book!

Dad said...

Wait!!! Hold on a minute!! Can an ACTOR be PRESIDENT???

Dave said...

Hi Matt,

As a non-conservative, I'm interested to know more about this claim I read on

"Fred Thompson, like Ronald Reagan, has the ability to bring conservative principles to the Oval Office, communicate to Americans, and bring our Nation together."

I'm seriously wondering how a conservative can bring our Nation together at this point? Bush was supposed to be the uniter, not the divider, but his governance has been incredibly polarizing. The conservative political playbook seems to be based on this divisive approach, I'm sorry to say. I am not "anti-conservative" but I'm not sure how it is that conservative political leaders are going to be able to convince the rest of us that they really are interested in considering more moderate or liberal views or priorities? My biggest concern about seeing a Republican presidential victory in 2008 is that we would just be in for more of the same - divisiveness and incompetence - that we've seen pretty much throughout the entire Bush 43 years.

I don't know anything about Thompson, really, so I'm open to whatever thoughts you have on this. Thanks,


Dave said...

Hi Matt,

I don't know if I was too blunt in my previous comment - I understand that it was pretty critical and I truly hope it didn't read like too broad of a swipe at conservatives in general. My question was intended to stir some reflection on what national-level conservatives can or should do to restore some credibility when it comes to national leadership. Not to imply that the liberals have their act together either but I am sincerely trying to get a handle on how the Republican Party is going to present a positive agenda to the general public as things continue to grow ever more sour between the current administration and (imo) pretty much everybody except for the truly committed, dyed-in-the-wool Republicans who can't imagine voting for a Democrat or any other party.

Did you catch this bit from James Dobson?

He called US News and World Report to say that "I don't think he's a Christian." I am not sure how much clout Dobson has compared with 2004 (I'd think his influence has waned a bit since then) but he's still a major player in the GOP.

I understand that there are still some electoral college factors that could lead to another Republican president in 2008, and that they may be helped considerably toward that end if either Hillary or Obama are the Democratic nominees, since they would both be breaking huge precedents that cause a lot of people serious hesitation. So I would like to think that maybe it could be a reasonably tolerable candidate. I would really hate to see either McCain or Giuliani win. Romney doesn't thrill me either but he doesn't creep me out at least. So Thompson may be worth learning more about. But do you think he will really run?

Sarah R. said...

As far as Giuliani is concerned, here's what Chris Rock had to say about him:
“Rudy, you know, Rudy in a crisis is the perfect — he’s like a pitbull. It’s great if somebody’s breaking in your house. But if they’re not, then, you know, the pitbull might eat your kids.”