Monday, July 17, 2006

A New Twist on the Prayer Book

While flipping through the latest issue of Episcopal Life, my wife ran across an advertisement for "The Hip Hop Prayer Book," published by Church Publishing, Inc., of New York. According to the ad, it was developed at Trinity Church of Morrisania, in the South Bronx, in an effort to extend the reach of their congregations.

They also included a portion of the 23rd Psalm, translated for the new audience. If this is any indication, it will be a very interesting version of the Episcopal prayer book to read.

The Lord is all that. I need for nothing. He allows me to chill.

He keeps me from being heated and allows me to breathe easy.

He guides my life so that I can represent and give shouts out in his Name.

And even though I walk through the Hood of death, I don't back down for you have my back.

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julieunplugged said...

Now that's relevant poetry! I like, I like.

Seems to go with "So you think you can dance!" which just ended here.