Saturday, July 22, 2006

And the Time for Rest Would Be Where?

I'm making a broad assumption here, but I think it's a pretty common feeling among most folks who work during the week that the weekend will be a great time to vegetate, catch up on overdue reading, take in a baseball game on TV, or (as I've done for part of today) watch several episodes of TV Land's latest marathon -- in this case, "The Brady Bunch." There will of course be play time with the kids and quiet time with the spouse, but all-in-all a very relaxing weekend.

The poll question for today is: How often do things actually go according to plan?

It appears much of my day today was taken up with things that needed to be done, and the time for which just doesn't materialize during the week. Running from an early-morning beginner ballet class for my daughter, to taking care of business at the bank, to getting the car inspected, and then getting a haircut -- all combined, the entire morning was suddenly gone. And with laundry piling up, the afternoon is gone.

So where is the relaxation? The answer is that it can be in ANYTHING that you're doing. Ballet class gives me a chance to watch my wife and daughter spin and dance around the room with lots of other kids her age, all of whom are glad to be there. Going to the bank gives me a sense of relaxation that the family will continue to be provided for during the next few weeks. Having the car inspected gave me the time to sit oustide in the sunshine and read a bit from a really interesting book. And getting a haircut allows me the opportunity to catch up with the lady who does my hair and have a very relaxing conversation about families, vacations, and whatever else we think is worth noting.

I suppose that, as a whole, my lesson for today -- for myself as much as anyone -- is that the relaxation you expect for the weekend may not be where you think you'll find it, but it can certainly be in anything you do.

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Dad said...

"...relaxation you expect for the weekend may not be where you think you'll find it, but it can certainly be in anything you do." Surprisingly, it works that way every day of the week! And just think - you didn't have to pay for a course to teach you this! Being comfortable with yourself is a first step. You are not what you do or the things you own. Just look at your daughter while she's dancing - she is free, comfortable with herself and her surroundings - she knows she is loved and protected and is just simply enjoying life. As St. Paul wrote, we are "troubled on every side yet not distressed; perplexed but not in despair; persecuted but not forsake; cast down, but not destroyed..." Now that's relaxation...