Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We Have the Candidates...and We're Off!

So the race has officially been set: Obama v. McCain for all the marbles. It should be an exciting race; I've seen first-hand the excitement that Obama can generate among the masses (as with this picture that I took at his rally at American University in Washington in January),

and I've had the chance to listen to McCain in a one-on-one setting (as when he taped my former boss' television show, when this picture was taken).

So who's it going to be? Just over five months separate us from the answer -- and what a ride it will be getting there.


rdl said...

I am so excited that Obama has finally won the nomination!! I'm hopeing that you are voting for him. I really couldn't even bear listening to McCain's speech last night.

Kansas Bob said...

"So who's it going to be?"

I think that you are the one to answer the question Dave.. inquiring minds want to know :)

Dave said...

Bob, you're asking me for my opinion? On Matt's blog?!? ;o)

Well, I think the election is all about Barack Obama. If McCain wins it will be merely because a majority of people don't think he's ready or an appropriate choice. McCain, on his own merits, has very little going for him IMO but hopes to win the presidency by default. Going on how Obama's run so far, I think he will win as his support solidifies, as McCain's inability to deliver convincing "straight talk" becomes more obvious and the Obama campaign redefines how 21st century politics is done in the USA over the next several months.

That's my call!

Kansas Bob said...

Yikes! Another senior moment for Bob! Sorry Matt but I was asking for your opinion (albeit Dave is one smart cookie) because you have met McCain and seem to be somewhat of an insider.

I do think that this is an unusual election year - no incumbent Pres or Veep ... no governor running ... two senators facing off ... not much executive experience ... reminiscent of JFK/Nixon race ... the makings of a different kind of race.