Sunday, June 15, 2008

Billy Graham Library

An interest in learning about Billy Graham has come very recently in my life; growing up as an Episcopalian, I really didn't have much interest in Reverend Graham or his crusades -- and when I was a child, I tended to get more aggravated than anything that the crusades always seemed to coincide with the nights that my favorite programs aired (typically on CBS, I believe).

Now that I'm older and reading more about such a wide range of religious issues and leaders, he has crossed my radar screen and worked his way into my reading list. And with the Billy Graham Library having opened in Charlotte, North Carolina within the past two or three years, the opportunity to learn more is very close by.

To tide me over until I can get the family down for a visit, this video introduction to the library (found on the official website) will have to hold me over. It looks like a fascinating place to visit...

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