Sunday, October 07, 2007

A New Addition to the Blog's "Interactivity"

As a way of making my blog even more interactive (aside from the comments which so many of you kindly leave in response to my posts), I've now added a weekly poll question in the sidebar. The first one has now been added, and it's my intent to leave the questions up for a week at a time before posting the results on this side of things. Hope you'll all take time to participate each week (keeping in mind that the list of answers I'm providing is by no means exhaustive).

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Lone Grasshopper said...

One of the 'other' votes in your religious writers poll was for Fr. Alexander Schmemann. I have read his Journal over and over, creating an 'index' in the front to the most powerful entries. His perspective has helped me discover God everywhere in life, not just while I'm doing something 'spiritual'.

I've just begun reading his book The Life of the World.