Saturday, October 13, 2007

Beauty Pageant Moments

Recently, we all saw the incident with the young lady (from South Carolina, I believe) who during the interview portion of a beauty pageant gave a rambling answer about Iraq and maps that had nothing to do with the original question. As bad as that is, I just ran across something from a pageant that has to be from the early- to mid-1980s that should make the young lady from SC feel a bit better. Wonder how well it goes over when THIS video gets dragged out at the family reunions?

Oh, heck -- I can't put that up and not give you the opportunity to watch the video of the event from earlier this year.....


Kansas Bob said...

Now both of those were just painful to watch!

Dad said...

But did Miss SC get points for at least "naming" some countries?

Perhaps the fault is not in the answers but in the questions!!!

Example: Would you rather be happy or take your lunch to work?

After all, this IS a beauty contest, right? Are they supposed to KNOW anything? (Now that should stir up something...)

But not to be sexist about it - when they have muscle/bodybuilding contests, why don't they ever interview the contestants (either male OR female)??? Isn't that a "beauty" contest of sorts? What question/s would you ask any of them?

rdl said...

Whatdo u mean? - i loved the first one! as for the 2nd one that proves why they shouldn't have beauty contests.