Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reporters and Prison

I took a bit of time today to read through some magazines that had been cluttering our racks at home and which, for purposes of de-cluttering, I had decided to throw out. These two articles were of particular interest to me; they both deal with the imprisonment of reporters, but they are from two different decades and in two entirely different parts of the world.

"First Person: Imprisoned in Zimbabwe," by Alex Perry. An interesting story by a reporter from Time magazine who was thrown in jail by Mugabe's government because they were afraid he would write negative stories about Mugabe and his regime.

"On Not Naming Names," by Myron Farber. Farber was thrown in jail in the 1970s for contempt during a murder trial in New Jersey; he had refused to reveal all of the information and sources he had accumulated in his research of a story that culminated in bringing a physician to trial for murdering patients. The Judith Miller story of three decades ago.

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