Saturday, April 21, 2007

Making Choices

RDL has a great post on her blog about making choices. Think of how much happier a place the world would be if we all made these kind of choices.


carrie said...

I appreciated reading this, I've sent my husband and kids to read it as well. Just this moring my 16 yr old son and I were talking about attitude, and I think he will especially appreciate this story of John.


Sandie said...

That is too weird... I posted about Attitude today too. I have heard that story before and it is a powerful one.

Lone Grasshopper said...

That was such a nice story, but there is another aspect to positive attitude: nobody likes to be on the receiving end. I chose years ago to be always positive and upbeat around other people and discovered that people don't really like it. And it is emotionally taxing to keep up the good mood when the other guy is trying so hard to be depressed. I haven't given up yet, though!