Monday, January 15, 2007

In Tribute to Dr. King

Congressman John Lewis and I may come from different sides of the political aisle, but there are few people for whom I have more respect and admiration. His work with Dr. King in the 1960s, his participation in the Freedom Rides, and his march across the Pettus Bridge in Selma are all extremely well-known, and it was an extreme honor for me the day that I met him (he had been a guest on my boss' television program). He is one of the most generous and amazing people I have ever met, and I haven't been moved by anything as much as I was when I read his autobiography, Walking With the Wind -- a book which I strongly feel should be required reading for everyone. I thought it was quite appropriate to post this photo today.

Volume 1 of The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. , a project being spearheaded by Dr. Clayborne Carson at the Stanford University, includes a photograph of King when he was just one year old. The child pictured there has a look of extreme curiosity, and has his entire life ahead of him. He and his family had no way of knowing where the road would lead them -- or the country, for that mattaer.

Children are very remarkable indeed -- what they can achieve when they grow up can be miraculous.


Kansas Bob said...

Isn't it amazing how we can honor, respect and admire those who are so different than we are. I think that God planned life to be that way!

I join with you Matt in remembering the legacy of a great man and celebrating our differences.

Love and blessings, Bob

Kansas Bob said...

PS: What a great picture!

Dave said...

I've had John Lewis' book recommended to me by others as well. That's cool that you got to meet him!

rdl said...

Will have to add that one to my list!