Monday, August 21, 2006

Prenatal Sibling Rivalry?

I got a phone call from my wife -- sibling rivalry between our little girl and our as-yet unborn has already reared its head. Our daughter had asked Amy to carry her from the daycare center to the car, and her mommy obliged. However, the not-here-yet child didn't like that at all -- and began kicking furiously. Mary Breeman couldn't feel it, but Amy sure did.

I've heard for a long time that babies still in the womb are sensitive to a lot of external stimulation -- music, voices, laughter, and such. Is it possible that they are also sensitive to the presence of an older sibling that they're not quite ready to deal with?


Karen said...

In my humble opinion, the baby may have been reacting to the physical "stress" of the physical activity of mom. They react very strongly when we move in a way that they don't like...but they do react to voices, laughter, music.

My oldest son, after about 6 months with his baby brother (4 years apart) asked me when the baby was "going back"!

Matt said...

Our daughter seems to be looking forward to the new arrival -- she spends more time telling folks about "brother or sister," and she has been putting her stuffed puppy aside more regularly for her doll babies. I think she's going to be a big help to her mother and father with the new baby.

That's a great question your son asked -- my only question would be what your response was!

Karen said...

Well, while trying not to laugh, (which is really hard for me) I told him no, God gave him and his brother to us to love and take care of.