Sunday, August 10, 2008

How a Traveler on God's Journey Goes Insane...

At this point, I'm back to struggling to see God at work in everything and am working to fight off a nervous breakdown. Short version:

- We got our car back from Goodyear;
- We joyfully hit the road out of Atlanta;
- We got as far as Spartanburg, South Carolina before all of our transmission fluid was gone (Goodyear at this point should be called Badservice);
- We're having to have Triple-A tow the vehicle again in the morning, this time to a dealer;
- We're having to rent a car and drive to meet my in-laws in Virginia;
- We're returning the rental car and taking their car back home to northern Virginia; and
- My father-in-law and one other person will be driving back to Spartanburg to pick up our car.

If you've ever seen the 1931 version of "Dracula" with Bela Lugosi, then you'll know what I mean when I say I've been reduced to being the crazed version of Renfield. If you've never seen it, then here it is, submitted for your approval (you only need to watch the first 20 seconds):


rdl said...

Oh dear, and all this with 2 little ones!! stay strong my friend. Frank is singing The girl from Ipanemaon yr. player so all is well with the world at this moment for me.

Kansas Bob said...

Amazing what a difference a day can make.. I hoped for the best when you said that Goodyear was doing the work but I haven't had great experiences with them myself.

Hoping that things work out for you Matt.. sorry that you are having a not so great end to your vacation.


ipanema said...

oh, i hope everyone enjoyed the trip despite all these.

i know the children must have been ecstatic with this trip.

hope you had a good one! :)

love ely said...

Great post