Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another "Desert Island Film" Featuring a Lawyer and a King

My post last week about The Shoes of the Fisherman and my comment that it would definitely make my "desert island" list of movies got me to thinking about others that I would include. Today, another from my top ten list: A Man for All Seasons. A remarkable film about the life of Sir Thomas More, one-time chancellor to King Henry VIII who resigned his position and ultimately lost his life as a result of his strong opposition to the monarch's desire to obtain a divorce.

The 1966 version of the film (there was a later version in the 1980s directed by and starring Charlton Heston, which I haven't seen) is astounding and features Paul Scofield as More (he won the 1967 best actor Oscar for his performance), Leo McKern as Cromwell (two straight films with McKern; a pattern developing?), Robert Shaw as Henry VIII (unlike his later turn in Jaws, there's no need for a bigger boat in this one; his boisterous performance is bigger than any boat could be), and Orson Welles as Cardinal Wolsey (I think one of his most underappreciated performances). It's about two hours long, but the time flies as you get caught up in the sweep of the film.

Someone posted a classic trailer for the film that I'll include here; hopefully it's a nice teaser for you to go out and find your own copy.


Sandie said...

Always one of my favorites!

Kansas Bob said...

I liked these two movies ... I have warm memories of Fisherman ... something about these movies that make you think.