Monday, September 10, 2007

Football Season (Real and Imagined) is Underway!

Football season is finally here, and my Cowboys got things started off right with a 45-35 win over the Giants. Granted, the defense gave up more points than I would have liked, but a win is a win -- and the offense was clicking!

Also, week one of fantasy season is on the books (almost; I have a few players playing in the 49ers-Cardinals game right now), and the record may be 1-1 between my two leagues by the end of it. I'm still waiting to see how Dave and We Are the Night do before I can declare victory (or defeat).

Finally, kudos to Julie and her team, Footsies -- her first ever fantasy game, and she pulled off the victory. That, and her Bengals held off the Ravens -- a pretty good weekend for the rookie coach.


Robert said...

Football could not have started any worse for me buddy. Im a wolverines fan in college and think how much more it hurts right now living here in oregon surrounded by gloating ducks fans!!

i am a Giants fan arghhhh losing to dallas of all teams o well maybe TO wont get the ball this week and wade will feel how parcells felt LOL hope you and Julie have great fantasy years!!

Lone Grasshopper said...

Another win for Dallas this week. Headin' for the Superbowl.

I tried fantasy football once with my sister. I don't think we did it right, though, because I chose only Cowboys and she chose only Browns. No matter how much I admire a player of another team, I couldn't choose him instead of one of the 'Boys. Just couldn't do it.

ipanema said...

I am a big fan of football across the pond. I'm a Manchester United loyalist -with or without David Beckham. I didn't really see more action from him since moving from Real Madrid to L.A. I follow English Premiere and European League. Until I got soo busy blogging. :)