Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Sports Blog That's Well Worth a Visit

Another member of my family has decided to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys, as it were) and start a blog -- and it's definitely one worth visiting, particularly if you're a sports fan. Written by my youngest sister, it's a place where she gives her take on sports of all types, and often with a humorous slant (case in point: her most recent post -- entitled "Hey Tennis Players: Shut Up!" deals with her aggravation over how professional tennis players feel the need to grunt, groan or scream whenever they swing the racket). She's got a great sense of humor and biting wit, and has a real gift for writing (I keep trying to convince her to submit some of her short stories for publication; maybe one day she'll realize just how wise I am and send them off). Her blog is a perfect place for her to show off what she can do, and you're definitely in for a few laughs.

I hope you'll all hop over and pay her a visit; like A. with her recent start-up, this is my sister's first foray into blogging -- and I'm pretty sure that, based on her first few entries, it's going to be around for a while.

Visit Girls Like Sports, Too!


rdl said...

Will drop by despite her being a Yanks fan or is she a Republican too? just kidding.

Katie said...

I think she is an excellent writer. I am hoping that she can go far with it in the future. Plus I understand all of her subjects better then I do some of yours. Sorry Big Brother.

Sarah R. said...

Yankees fan, yes.
Republican, NO! :)

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the link Matt. Yankees fan withstanding ... good blog posts on good topics ... to coin a baseball metaphor - nice change up.