Saturday, July 28, 2007

Great Story About Amma

Back in April, I posted a rather lengthy article on Amma, the mahatma from India who travels the world and, as part of her ministry, gives out hugs to thousands and thousands of people. At last count, she has embraced more than 23 million people -- and the hugs just keep coming. The documentary that I had discussed in April gave an outside look of what it's like to travel with Amma and attend one of her gatherings; in today's Beliefnet e-mail (for which I highly recommend obtaining a free subscription), there's a wonderful article written from the first-person perspective of someone who actually waited for a hug.

Who says hugs can't change the world?

Hugging Amma Was Not Nothing
by Valerie Reiss

I did my best to expect nothing. Waiting six hours for anything inflates expectations—much less for something you know will last two seconds and everyone says will change your life. They say she smells like roses, they say you may weep, they say it feels as if the divine mother herself is wrapping you in her nurturing arms and holding you.

So I waited.
(click the link above for the full story)


rdl said...

makes me want to go.

brian said...

Fascinating. Thanks for sharing that.


Kansas Bob said...

Being raised Episcopal I was very uncomfortable hugging in church in the 1970s when I began atending charismatic churches ... guess I got used to it ... now I am usually the initiator of such hugs ... but I haven't kept count :)

Sandie said...

That was a really beautiful story! Thank you so much for posting it.