Monday, November 27, 2006

If You Can't Go to Linus, Bring Linus to You

Okay, after posting my list yesterday, I decided I couldn't wait for network executives to decide when Linus should explain the true meaning of Christmas to Charlie Brown -- so I found it myself. Today's posting marks a tough comparison -- what Christmas should be and what Christmas has become.

Classic Christmas

Modern Christmas (a little funny, but quite sad, if you think about it)


Anonymous said...

I've always loved that little moment with Linus.
You're right...the second one is funny but sad....and true.~~Karen

ipanema said...

You’ve been Tagged! More details in my blog. :)

trace said...

tonight at 8:00 on cbs!

rdl said...

I like them both! but I like that music on the 2nd one; i think i have that CD. ?Transsiberian orchestra??

Judy EJ said...

This reply is a little late. I really hate that I missed the Charlie Brown Christmas. Thank you for sharing Linus. Every time I hear Linus, I am reminded of the quiet yet powerful truth of the meaning of Christmas. It shuts the mouths of scoffers and puts a redeeming light on our worldviews. And it gives us hope in a world of hopelessness.

The second video is definitely a reflection of the times. But if it is viewed in light of the real power of message of Christmas, one might actually visualize the awesome story and powerful sequence of historical events that make up the Christmas story.

Just my humble observation.